Ponya Bishop 2.0

Ponya Bishop 2.0

28164648_10155520664874315_3102068595758391703_oSo in creating a new internet home for Ponya Bishop Photography, I began to wonder what to do with this site, PonyaBishop.com.  It really didn’t take me long to figure out what to do, and that was to convert it back to what it first began as, a person space on the worldwide web for me, my thoughts and my interests.  This site began as a personal blog where I talked about things that interest me; random thoughts, music, I shared personal photos and introspection.  However, as my love of photography turned into a business venture, I morphed this site into a business site.  For business purposes, it never really worked for me.

Now that Ponya Bishop Photography has a new home, I can turn this space back into a place to share what’s on my mind and what inspires me.  I will still talk about photography, but I will also share other things.  Those close to me know that I have been on  weight loss journey for the past year.  I have lost 50lbs and I’m still going.  I plan on sharing more about my journey and give insight on the things that I’ve been doing to get this far.  I will talk about my love of music, fashion, beauty, faith, family and friends.  The possibilities are endless!!

I am excited about having this space back just for me.  I hope I provide something of value to you as readers and supporters.  And I also hope it becomes a dialog.  Feel free to comment on posts and share your thoughts along with mine.  I love you all!

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